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Meaningful Bridesmaids Gifts

For us, our rings are designed to have meaning. They should represent your relationship with someone you care about especially when you gift them. This blog post, we're covering one of our favorite things to customize, which is bridesmaids gifts! 

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Collaboration: Jess Glazer x Ora & Ren

When creating our jewelry, we try to make each piece wearable, beautiful, and meaningful. We’ve offered a lot of ways to personalize our rings, from choosing colored stones and plating, to customizing with your own personal message. Each customer designs the piece with us.

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We started Ora and Ren because both MIke and I (co-founders of Ora & Ren) were looking for a creative outlet that we could fuel and work on together. Coming from a jewelry design background and all-in-all lover of jewelry, I wasn’t going to hate it if I had a few more (maybe 20) rings to wear on my fingers, and I believed that to be true for everyone else too.

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