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Collaboration: Jess Glazer x Ora & Ren

Recently Ora & Ren had the opportunity to work with Jess Glazer to create some beautiful jewelry with the bonus challenge of making something meaningful and representative of her past, her struggles, her success and to serve as a reminder of how far she’s come.

We first bonded with Jess through FITtrips: an online health and wellness community that she founded. She is also a Manhattan based personal trainer, fitness model and fitness competitor, and the list of her expertise goes on and on.

Aside from her current successes, we also wanted to pull from her background as a 16-year vegan, a gymnast coach and a self-described eating disorder survivor turned self-love junkie.

The challenge was to find a way to incorporate all of the traits that were meaningful to her on a personal level and translate that into a simple jewelry design. While that seemed like quite a tall order at first it had already been on Jess’ mind for a while when creating her logo. In her logo she was drawn to the idea of using triangles as a symbol to represent a lot of what she believed in.

“Triangles are the shape chosen to represent strength and resilience.  A perfect triangle no matter how much pressure you put on any of its three sides is impossible to break. Its foundation is so strong that it is actually an unbreakable form. When I think about my past, my story, my struggles, my triumphs; I relate most to being resilient. I can be knocked down, bumped, bruised, and hurt, but I cannot be broken,” she explains.

Stacking several triangles together and changing their orientation slightly allows the meaning behind them to become amplified even further.

“The upside down triangle is representative of the female energy, water, movement, light, airy, and softness. While the upright triangle representative of the male energy, fire, strength, and hardness, “ she says. “As humans, we all possess both types or energy and at different moments we lean towards one more than the other. When placed together, the feminine and masculine triangles align to form an equal and divine bond aka harmony.”


Lastly combining the three triangles together as a group makes them stronger as a group.

“I fell in love with the idea of the triangles representing our minds, bodies, and tribe because that’s exactly how I teach,” Jess explains. “I’m all about tribe! Together we can go so much farther.”

With so much thought and symbolism behind her logo, Ora & Ren really just had to find a way to present them in a beautiful way. You may have noticed that based on our recent work that  we tend to lean towards rings, but given Jess’ everyday active lifestyle a necklace was the perfect opportunity to show off her logo. So why add anything more to an already meaningful piece? The minimalist style of the band and chain allow the symbolism to become the forefront of the design.

While the shapes are simple, the story behind them is a message of strength, resilience, and harmony.

You can catch Jess living her best life on the daily: supporting other people to reach their full potential, doing handstands because she can, and planning how she can the world by storm next. Look closer and you’ll see she’s wearing her triangles in gold and silver.

For Jess’s birthday this year, we have teamed up with her to give away one of these gorgeous triangle rings with the wish to bring all the amazing things they represent into your life. Check out our instagram for our giveaway rules!

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