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by Michelle

What is #ShareYourOra about?

We started Ora and Ren because both MIke and I (co-founders of Ora & Ren) were looking for a creative outlet that we could fuel and work on together. Coming from a jewelry design background and all-in-all lover of jewelry, I wasn’t going to hate it if I had a few more (maybe 20) rings to wear on my fingers, and I believed that to be true for everyone else too.

We decided that we could really combine our passions and skills of accessories design and 3D into a fully customizable platform in jewelry -- even more so made possible by the technological advancements in 3D printing. It’s something that piqued our interests and inspired us. If you find momentum in something that drives you, you have to go for it right?

Our first piece was a simple structured ring modeled after a chain. I wanted my (I mean "our" - thank goodness it’s the same) initial on it “M” to make it special. It was the first proto we ever worked on and Mike created in his 3D program and we sent it out to be printed. 2 weeks later, we received our first baby back, and she was amazing. We were so impressed by it’s detail, and we knew we could really go somewhere with this.

From then on, the designs began to pour out. But how do we make this special? How do we make each piece special for each person, and how do we share our passions and their passions at the same time?

Making these personalized and fully customizable pieces created the bridge between us and each of you. We love to hear your stories of why you’re choosing your numbers and letters, your colors and metals and what they mean to you. Sometimes it's just a matter for what you like, and sometimes theres a story behind why you choose specific words, letters or numbers. That’s where #ShareYourOra comes in. From now on we’ll be sharing some of our favorite stories with you here. Sometimes it’s a beautiful love story, a lot of times, the love story is the one you have with yourself. Many times it’s about friendship and sisterhood. Others, a gratitude, mantra and belief you want to keep on hand (literally) at all times.

This grew out of a passion of ours that we decided to share with all of you so we want to hear your story too.

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