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Tips to keep your rings looking their best

by Michelle

No matter what material or plating you have on your rings, they will eventually fade over time, but with a few small tricks you can keep them looking great as long as possible.

Our top tips: 

1. Make sure they're fully dry before putting on your rings. Whether it's washing your hands or putting on lotion, residue, sweat, and chemicals all contribute to the tarnishing of rings. (We recommend taking them off to shower, swim, etc.) We know you never want to take them off, but it'll help your rings last longer and stay shinier! 

2. Remove dust and dirt when you take them off. After taking your rings off for the day, use a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Gently rubbing them will ensure they stay shiny for longer..

3. Clean rings simply and avoid chemicals. If you feel like your rings need a little more cleaning take a cup and fill it with warm water. Add a tiny bit of dish soap and mix it together (we suggest avoiding the anti-bacterial ones as those chemicals are harsher to plated metals). Swish your ring around in there and then allow it to fully dry it! If they still need an extra bit of cleaning a soft toothbrush is a good way to clean dirt that may have found it's way in to any fine details.

 4. Store your jewelry separately from each other. One of the easiest ways to scratch your jewelry is by storing them all together in a place where they rub against one another. You can avoid this by putting your Ora & Ren pouch, or another soft cloth in between items when you're not using them. 

5. Minimize contact with other hard surfaces. Certain activities might just make your jewelry more prone to damage so if you can anticipate it consider taking them off temporarily. Places like the gym while working out or in the kitchen while cooking have a higher chance of impacts with hard surfaces. 

If you have any questions - shoot us an email at and we'll be glad to help you! 

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