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About Us

The Name

One of the first things people ask us about Ora and Ren is how we chose the name. When we started Ora and Ren it was about putting together the things we love and our different backgrounds.

Ora and Ren started in the summer of 2017 by founders Michelle and Mike. Michelle comes from an accessories and fashion design background and Mike comes from a visual special effects (VFX) background. Both the words “Ora” and “Ren” reflect both of those areas.

The word "ora" represents a lot of the core of this business. It shares roots with the word "ore," which hints at stones and gems and it also stems from the same latin roots as the word "oro" which means "gold" -- but "ora" is also a play on the word "aura" which is a visually aesthetic VFX staple. Ora was a nice balance between fashion and visual effects backgrounds.

For us, Ren was the perfect counter balance. From a fashion perspective it represents the word "trend" which is something we really wanted to push and keep in mind behind our designs. From a visual effects perspective it represents the word "render" which is the final and most important step because that is how you bring everything together.

Together the words reflect both of our backgrounds but are used in a different way which is exactly what we wanted to do with Ora and Ren: To take a new perspective and create something that is different and unique.

We're also interested in the different perspectives of those who love Ora & Ren, so we invite you to share your ora. #shareyourora

The Process

In the same way our backgrounds came together to form the name, it is also the way we design our pieces. Some of our pieces are carefully handmade in the studio - manipulating metals, soldering, and polishing. The other pieces utilize 3D printing, building models on the computer, printing out a prototype and then taking it to make it a mold, casted, and then plated.

We also wanted to offer personalization beyond just sizing. These pieces represent more than just personal style, we also want them to represent a moment to celebrate. We can work with you to customize a ring that is even more unique. We want every ring to be a special part of your daily lineup, which is why each piece is made-to-order after we receive your request.

Plastic prototype (white), wax 3d print (blue), 18k gold plated finished ring (gold)